02-12-2018  |  Video

Bolivar Fire Department honors survivors for ‘closing the door’

02-11-2018  |  Article

'Close Before You Doze' campaign could save lives

02-01-2018  |  Article

Firefighters: closed bedroom door likely saved twin girls' lives in Everett fire

01-24-2018  |  Article

FDNY again stresses simple life-saving move that may have prevented 13 deaths in Bronx fire

01-15-2018  |  Article

Fox 6 News: Close before you doze: The reason closing your bedroom door can help in a fire

12-29-2018  |  Article

Close The Door When When Escaping A Fire, Nigro Reminds Everyone

12-12-2017  |  Article

Words to live by: 'Close before you doze'

10-19-2017  |  Video

Good Morning America: Closing your bedroom door at night could save your life in a fire

11-21-2017  |  Article

House fires burn much faster than they used to. Here’s how to survive.

10-22-2017  |  Article

Campville FD launches ‘Close Before You Doze’ campaign to save lives

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