10-10-2017  |  Article

Report On Increased Speed of Residential Fires in U.S. and Recommended Defensive Measures

10-10-2017  |  Article

New Report Shows Fires Burn Through Homes at Increased, Treacherous Speed

07-13-2017  |  Article

Up In Flames: Why some homes are more flammable than others

07-24-2017  |  Article

Fire Prevention Challenge – Close The Door, Making Your Message Visual for FREE

07-25-2017  |  Video

Firefighters: One simple step could save your life during a fire

09-06-2017  |  Article

Trapped resident rescued from Happy Valley home fire

08-11-2016  |  Article

Fire department warns people to shut their bedroom door

05-19-2016  |  Video

Close the Door: It Can Provide Life-Saving Seconds in Fires

11-09-2015  |  Video

NBC 5 Investigates: How Closed Doors Can Provide Life-Saving Seconds in House Fires

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